Suffering From Neck Pain in Chandler AZ?

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You are not alone if you're dealing with neck pain in Chandler AZ. Millions of people suffer with neck pain, never getting the care they need. For over one hundred years chiropractors have been helping people with this condition. Our Chandler AZ chiropractors are specifically trained to help neck pain and they have very high success rates. Read this article to learn what our team at Grant Chiropractic & Physical Therapy can do to help you.

Neck Pain in Chandler AZ

Aching neck pain? There are several different parts of the neck, and each part has a main function and can affect your body as a whole, causing pain or discomfort.

The neck is an integral aspect in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The neck houses vertebrae, muscles, nerves, ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels. Neck pain can affect your whole life.

Your neck is made up of many vertebrae, and between each vertebra are nerves and discs. Discs are like pillows they provide a cushion between each of your vertebrae. If one, or more of your vertebrae are out of alignment they can pinch the nerves that run between them causing neck pain.

Our chiropractic and physical therapy techniques will help restore your neck mobility and overall wellness.

How Neck Pain is Caused

When the curve of the neck begins to move away from what is normal, it creates an abnormal stretch and strains all the components of the: muscular, vascular, and nervous system. When this stress occurs different symptoms start showing in the body.

Some symptoms of a stress occurring from abnormal neck stretches/strains can include: high blood pressure, runny nose, headaches, and much more. Our body is trying to warn us that something is not working right.

Thankfully, when the cervical curve is restored the stress is eliminated and the body can communicate more efficiently, and all important structures of the body will function better. Some causes of neck pain are:

  • Pinched Nerves
  • Vertebrae misalignment
  • A big fall or sports injury
  • Sleeping wrong on your neck
  • Kinking it in an odd position for a long period of time
  • Whiplash from a car accident

The Systems and Functions of the Neck

Nervous System and the neck – The nervous system in the neck area is very important, and controls many functions, including: Breathing, Balance, Heart health, vascular control, Digestion, Reflex control, Muscle coordination just to list a few.

Muscular system and the neck – In the cervical area there is a large number of muscles, these muscles are responsible to support the head/shoulder area and fine movements. This muscle control, blood supply to the head, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands is extremely important.

Vascular system and the neck – In the cervical spine many important arteries and veins travel through, on their way to and from the brain, face, and neck. The arteries support and supply all the functions of the upper body and serve as the only means of survival for all the structures above the shoulders.

How We Can Help

We see and treat the 3 most common causes of neck pain listed below every day.

Whiplash – it occurs when the neck experiences a sudden movement forward and backward or from side to side. This sudden, and forceful movement strains, overstretches, and tears muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck. This results in the pain, extra pressure on the discs, and pinched nerves.

Stress – this tends to make us tense/ tighten muscles or clinching. Stress has a physical effect on the muscles in our neck. Chronic neck pain can cause irritability, fatigue, and even depression.

Chemical causes – unhealthy diet, drug and alcohol abuse, and intake of chemical toxins in food, water, and air
The perfect combination of Grant Chiropractic & Physical Therapy we will focus on correcting this kind of pain and discomfort for you. Starting with an appropriate spinal adjustment and an individualized treatment plan, we work with you to provide some relief.

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